Our mission is to empower teams and clients to create perfect products with the help of the best commenting and collaboration tools created by us.

Our Story
Here’s how Commented’s story begins. Once upon a time in the far ends of London, there were two creative minds (Isa and Hakan) who had a love for collaboration and wanted to reshape how people work together. However, this journey didn’t start with a smooth sail it was with ups and downs. When these two minds were with clients and teams, they were literally scratching their heads from confusion and stress. Also, they were meeting for hours to understand and follow the desired changes from clients and they didn’t know who was working on what and what was corrected or changed and as a result they were losing their minds! Isa and Hakan asked themselves that there must be a tool to solve all this! Unfortunately, there wasn’t.
The products in the market before Commented were merely on general customer feedback and it wasn’t possible to provide something precise by pinning and with a profound annotation. Here’s when they had their aha moment!

The bumpy ride became an amazing moment and they created Commented to eliminate all of the stress and confusion that they and many others were facing. Commented will help save your hair, and help with your soul and body wellbeing. Commented was founded on a rough path, but created and developed with profound love and with the mind of constant wellbeing and value.

Today, Commented builds a strong bridge between teams and clients and products and designs by providing revolutionary features and tools. We just started, now join us to transform the future even more. Now it’s your turn to use Commented, while we do the magic and you relax!

Our values

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We’re committed to helping and delivering high-quality results for teams and clients. We strive to be the best in the best in this area.

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We admire our team and collaborate together to enhance teamwork and a better workspace environment. Teamwork is everything and we’re a devoted and passionate team.

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Innovation is something we take dearly. We incorporate the magic of AI to boost the best results for teams and clients and bring content and design means to new heights.

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Honest and Open

Being open and honest is crucial for us from the very beginning. We provide clear and precise data and information to everyone.

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We believe growing is essential both in what we deliver and as a company! We carry a strong passion for growth and we display it throughout our business for teams and clients.

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Taking accountability and ownership are vital to us and we always take this dearly. Also, we always give credit to what each team member does and celebrate it together.

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We seek opportunities to display our creative excellence and enhance other teams’ and clients’ workspaces and live web projects with our features and tools.

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Preserving our natural resources and being sustainable is at our core. We integrate a sustainable work culture too. We contributes 0.5% of your subscription to remove CO₂ from atmosphere.

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