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Why Commented?

💬 Start a chat

Elevate your communication for your websites & mobile applications.

💬 Start a chat

👩‍💻 Track and manage

Track and manage comments made via the Mobile SDK from the web.

👩‍💻 Track and manage

⏺️ Screen recording

Boost collaboration by screen recording for mobile applications.

⏺️ Screen recording

Efficient Collaboration, Effortless Steps

We believe that commenting should be seamless and straightforward. That's why we've designed a powerful yet user-friendly four-step process to help you achieve excellence in your projects effortlessly.

1. Integrate

Add the code snippet or install the Chrome extension

2. Comment

Leave precise comments directly on your live projects

3. Collaborate

Share your thoughts with team members or clients

4. And beyond

Share conversations on your favourite tool with integrations

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Here’s what our customers have to say about us here at Commented

Vasim M.
Creative Director

With commented and it's Slack integration, it just cuts out all the noise making commenting and collaboration seamless. We've seen at least 70% reduction in time spent on this exercise with projects so far.

Stevijn D.
CEO & Co-founder

Commented is really a big improvement for our productivity during software building cycles. Where I previously copy and pasted screenshots in Github for the team, I can now simply mark the spot & add comment within Chrome.

Gökay Elbir
Business Analyst & Product Owner

The chat-like nature of conversations within Commented provides ease of use. Instant error reporting has accelerated issue resolution by facilitating prompt actions from developers. I would definitely recommend it for project management and quick action-taking. It's a tool that encapsulates multiple features. It's like a mix of Figma and Jira.

Mert Can Şimşek
Sales, Marketing and Business Development Lead

Before using Commented, there was a need for regular meetings to explain changes. Instead of accumulating notes for myself, turning those notes into comments and leaving an immediate response has saved a significant amount of time. I would recommend it to everyone in the web development stage.

Alara Akçasız
CEO's capabilities extend beyond commenting – we leveraged its AI content writer to craft engaging and compelling headlines for our website and create fast versions for our landing page for A/B testing. This dynamic integration adds an extra layer of efficiency to our content creation process, enabling us to captivate our audience with impactful messaging

Noyan Alperen İdin
CEO has emerged as a game-changer for our product development, it revolutionize our commenting process and helped our customer success team to report bugs easily to our dev tam. One of the standout features is to seamlessly work on our live web app, enabling our users to dive right in – commenting on our product.

Elif Duran

Commented has greatly facilitated our work on landing pages. The unique capability to provide comments directly on live websites has streamlined our design, marketing, web developer collaboration, eliminating the need for cumbersome explanations or extensive documentation. With pinpoint accuracy, we can identify the precise element requiring adjustments with screenshots attached, thereby simplifying comprehension for our team.


Seamless integration transforms collaboration. Commented effortlessly connects with your favorite tools, enhancing your workflow and propelling your projects forward.

Slack integrationNotion integrationZapier integrationLinear integrationFigma integrationJira integrationAsana integration
Slack integration
Notion integration
Zapier integration
Linear integration
Figma integration
Jira integration
Asana integration

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